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The first collection of poetry from Dublin-born author, Peter McCluskey, presents a set of contemporary poems reflecting a wide range of themes which chime in a clear, consise and
empathetic way with a modern Ireland and its people.
The collection explores poignant, humorous, human and emotional subjects, mirroring the lived and
observed experiences of an author revelling in the flickering tide of our European home.

“Humour, pathos and a voyage of discovery.”

A lightning strike leaves businessman Paul Rickman semi-comatose.
The entire future of his business and his family rests on the successful launch of the company’s new
financial software package.
But there’s a problem.
Paul is Rickman Software and - apart from the coma episodes - he has lost his memory.

His company, his family and, ultimately, his life are in the balance...

Murder, intrigue, suspense....

Eugene Savino: an arrogant, selfish, boorish artist.
Axed to death in his Dublin studio.
Who would want to see him dead?
His ex-wife? His new girlfriend? A fellow sculptor?
Or maybe a small-time drugs hoodlum?
The list of suspects is growing rapidly.
Ex-detective, Philip Radford, is asked to re-join his old police colleagues as they try to unravel a complex case of money, greed and
drugs; a case where everyone has something to gain from a man they all seem to hate.






Robert Kingdom wants to be a successful songwriter.
Instead, he’s an unemployed, stay-at-home Dad.
His wife has an idea - he should start a diary.
It will give him some focus and direction.

Robert feels it’s time to re-invent himself.
Time to stand up and be counted.
But - what if fate and everyday life gets in his way?
What if things don’t go according to plan?

Let the diary begin...



Martin Lannigan is eleven years old and can’t swim.
His sister looks like The Riddler in the Batman comic and she has a dodgy set of tonsils.
He loves his Ma and Trigger Bars.
He spends his time staring at the naked dummies in Clery’s shop window, going to Saturday morning grushies and eating cake at a neighbour’s wake.
He has a hankering to be a great cowboy like Gary Cooper.
He lives on Ormond Quay beside The Liffey and writes everything down in his copybook.

It’s 1969. At last - Martin is ready to tell his story....